Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 15, 2010 - The Day That Changed Our Lives Forever

Hello outside world!  Our lives have been radically turned upside down and we couldn't be happier with the arrival Jackson David.  I have so many thoughts, so much to say, yet so little time between feeding Jackson and trying to catch up on sleep.  So, rather than try to write everything out, here are some photos of the last few days...

Arriving at the hospital at 6:30 after my water broke at 4:30.

Dr. Craig Myers, our awesome doctor checking my contractions.

Mom and Dad arrive.

Waiting on Baby Jackson

Sweet Jenn arrives from South Carolina

Hatta brought a journal for everyone to sign and keep up with what was going on

Some of our AWESOME high school friends who stayed up ALL NIGHT waiting on Baby Jackson to get here.  We love you guys!!

Jackson David, a few minutes old

Getting to hold him for the first time...wow.

First Family Photo

Mary Gene took half a day off work to meet Baby Jackson :)

Jackson meets Hatta.

Jackson meets Pops.

Jackson meets Uncle Wes.

Aunt Kiley.

Aunt Jenn.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Jackson's Nursery

Here's some pics of Jackson's room!  It's not 100% complete, but it's so close that I wanted to go ahead and get some pictures up...

Sometime we would like to frame a picture of Jackson's name that we wrote with rocks one day on the wall above his crib.

The wall space to the right of the shelf is where we are going to have a tree painted.

We love his bedding called "Forest Friends."  And don't worry, for all you Captain Safety people out there, I do know I'm not supposed to use the bumper for a while.  It was just there for the pictures :)  

This is the most comfortable glider in the world!  I love it!  

Monday, July 5, 2010

Top 10 Ways I Know I Am About To Have A Baby (The Sentimental Edition):

#10  When I look at Jackson's 3D picture, my heart skips a beat.
#9    I am often brought to tears when Ryan and I pray for our son.
#8    Ryan and I have been looking at old childhood pictures and getting so excited to have family photos with Jackson and     other little ones in the future.
#7   I am blown away by how much you can love someone so much that you've never even met.
#6   I already worry about all the bad things that could happen to him, and already realize how fragile and vulnerable life is.
#5   I am in awe at God's great love for Ryan and me, and that He would trust us enough with one of His own for a little while.
#4   When I see little blonde boys in public, I can't help but smile.
#3   When we pray over Jackson with our hands on my belly and he moves, I am certain I just felt the Holy Spirit moving inside me.
#2   Every time Ryan pulls his tiny clothes out of the dryer, he likes to snuggle his face into them and think about how cute he's going to look in them.  
#1  My heart melts when Ryan talks to my belly and tells Jackson how much we love him and can't wait to meet him.  My favorite thing he says to him is "Be nice to Mommy."