Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jackson's 1st set of clubs

Uncle Bill and Aunt Cheryl got Jackson his first golf bag with a driver, iron, and putter (Thank you!).  This is video of the 1st time Jackson saw it / played with it.  He played for probably 45 mins, so I tried my best to whittle down the video to 5 mins.  Pretty long, but I know some of you family members will appreciate seeing the whole experience. :-)


Jackson used to always forget #7 and #11 when he was counting to's so cute!  Then he says his first memory verse..

The verse is "Nothing can separate us from God's love."  Romans 8:39

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall Fun & Halloween

He loves his "Tennessee Balls" blocks from Pops

 At Kinsey Farm

Straining to lift the pumpkin to show the camera...

A gourd! 

Being pulled by a tractor.

Feeding the gigantic catfish.

Feeding goldfish to the ducks

Pulled it all the way back himself.  He INSISTS on doing everything "by myself."

Throwing the baseball to Pops

Playing catch

Halloween at school.  I LOVE his smile!!

Trick or Treating with his friend Kennedy.

1st house to trick or treat.

We had a fun Halloween!  And Jackson LOVED being a Braves baseball player!! I had bought him s monkey costume to wear trick or treating because I knew it would be cold, but he insisted on leaving his baseball uniform on from school.  

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pool Table Golfing

End of Summer 2012 Pics

Jackson is growing up so fast!  Some highlights are:
- He sings Jesus Loves Me with us every night.  
- He has also memorized what I tell him every night before bed.  So now this is how it goes:
Me: You are
J: strong
Me: You are
J: loving
Me: You are
J: kind
Me: You are
J: gentle
Me: You are
J: good listener
Me: You
J: obey mommy daddy
You are:
J: a joy
Me: and total delight and I love you
J: sooo much
Me: I love being your mommy.

He is learning to share his toys.  When we are at the "choo choo store" (Barnes & Noble) and a new child walks up to the train table, he picks out a train for them and goes and says, "Here go."  (Of course  usually saves the Thomas train for himself, but can you blame the kid?)

He is loving "school!" On days we aren't there, he sometimes says, "I wanna go school, mommy." 

He is also loving his Daddy Dare Care days with Ryan on Fridays.  They play hard!!  Ryan has a sore back most days from jumping Jackson on the bed, in his crib, throwing him in the air, etc!  Jackson loves his Daddy and his Daddy time!  They love to go eat at Moe's or "Flay" (Chick-fil-a), go play at the "golf store" (Dicks or Academy Sports), or go to playgrounds.  This past Friday at Dicks, Jackson noticed the green path that's painted on the floor around the whole shoe section.  When he saw it, he ran around the track several times saying "Weee dow, weeee, dow, weeee dow" (that's his sound for a fire engine).  

Here's a video of him playing with a fire truck and making his fire truck noise.  He is talking about "Fireman Sam" too.  

Here are some recent pics.

At Wes and Honor's Engagement Party

Granna and Jackson watching a movie together.

We are so happy for Wes and Honor!  

Playing in his light box with water beads.

This kid LOVES to wear his baseball helmet...

He loves it so much that he wore it to the mall and didn't take it off once.  It was so cute!

Again, with the helmet.  This happens at least once a day.

Reading with Daddy.

Learning colors.

Beach trip!

Unfortunately, Jackson got sick and his asthma acted up.  But at least he is happy doing breathing treatments! 

Very first thing he did on the beach: take his Thomas chair to the edge of the water and sit down to look at the ocean. :)

We know Jackson doesn't feel well when he falls asleep on us.


Family bike ride.  Jackson LOVED riding bikes!

Playing football with Mimi.

Our beach house.

My camera lens was fogged up, but this is too cute not to post.

"I see you"

So handsome!!

Daddy left his mostly empty hot chocolate within reach...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Boot Camp Belly Flop.m4v

A leader sent me this video of Ryan's belly-flop at Boot Camp this weekend :)

Friday, August 24, 2012


Jackson is loving his "Man Days" with Daddy on Fridays while I work.  On this particular day, he and Ryan had eaten quesadillas at Moe's after playing at the "choo choo store" (Barnes and Noble).  This is a video our favorite babysitters took that night while he colored with sidewalk chalk.  We LOVE the way he says quesadilla!

"What did you have for lunch at Moe's?"
"I wanna eat Moe's.  I wanna eat at Moe's with Daddy."
"What are you going to eat at Moe's?"  "Are you going to eat some chips?"
"What are you going to eat?"
"I'm going eat quesadada"
"That's awesome, buddy."

Friday, July 20, 2012

From pitching with a bounce to pitching with no bounce - 24 months

Jackson hitting off the tee - 24 months

Bubbles! Jackson 24 months

He had been running back and forth through the bubbles laughing, but by the time I got the camera, he had stopped.   He LOVES it!  Thank you, Uncle Wes!

Laughing with Yogurt - Jackson 24 months

Ryan was cracking Jackson up!  I had to hide the camera every time Jackson looked at me so he wouldn't ask to "wook" (look at the video).

Friday, July 13, 2012

The "Baby C's"

Ryan and I sing the "ABC's" a lot, in hopes that Jackson will catch on.  For the first time a few nights ago, he tried to sing with us and said, "baby c.  baby c.  baby c."  So. stinkin. cute.

We have been checking out books from the library, and Jackson, of course, picks out a baseball book eery time.  A few have had pictures of Babe Ruth, so Jackson now recognizes him and talks about him and his "big hit."  Then last night, we were getting ready to go to the pool and Jackson said, "Babe Ruf comin'?."  He wanted Babe Ruth to come to the pool and play with him.  :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hitting the Baseball - 23 months

As we all know, Jackson LOVES sports, especially baseball and golf.  He doesn't like to use his tee anymore for baseball, and now asks us to "pit" it ("pitch").  These videos pale in comparison to how well he usually hits it, but it's the best we've gotten on film so far.  You will notice when we start counting, we say "1," he says "2" and then we say "3".  :-)

Blue Ridge with Mimi & Granddad

Better late than never!  We went to Blue Ridge with MiMi and Granddad in May and had a blast!  (Jackson 22 months)

 "Did I do that?"

Playing baseball while watching baseball.

Catch it, Mimi!

 Uncle Wes is so fun!

We got to play putt-putt while the big boys went fly-sighing.  Needless to say, Jackson loved it!

It went in the hole!

Mining for Gems

Waiting for Daddy to get home, singing Jesus Loves Me.

Trip to the Apple Orchard / Strawberry Patch

Jackson chasing the tractor

Picking fresh strawberries

Jackson was way more interested in the tractor than the strawberries.  We ended up riding the tractor back and forth for much longer than we picked strawberries!