Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Ultrsound Pics

We got to have another ultrasound a few days ago, so here are the latest pics of Baby Gray.  The doctor said it looks like Baby G is growing at a normal and healthy rate, so we are thankful for that.  Currently, Baby G is about 3 inches long and about the size of a peach.  His/her head is about half the size of it's body right now.  Also, all of Baby G's intestines have been growing inside the umbilical cord, but they are now starting to make their trek to the abdomen.

We like these images a lot because you can tell Baby G is actually a baby, and not some interesting semblance of one, as the first ultrasound showed us at 7 weeks.  

Just ignore the blue on the side of this pic and the's actually our tablecloth.  I took pictures of these images and then uploaded them to the computer.

Here is a pic of when Baby G gave us a wave...see his/her hand!  It's so incredible to see all five fingers!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crossing Over

The day I both anticipated and dreaded has arrived...I can no longer fit into my regular jeans.   I am so happy that our baby seems to be growing healthily, but I have to admit that losing my petite frame may be a little harder to accept than I once thought.  I mean, I have talked to numerous friends who struggle with their new found "motherly" figure, and I always told them that they looked great (because they did!).  But I am now in the in-between stage.  I am not noticeably pregnant, but I am also not my normal thin self put it bluntly...I just feel fat!  Today I had to embrace the Belly Band, which I now wear around the waist of my unbuttoned jeans.  But I do realize that saying goodbye to my pre-pregnancy body is a tiny sacrifice when I think about the incredible life that God is growing inside me!  So, I will happily embrace the Belly Band and the maternity clothes to come, because I know having a petite frame pales in comparison to the awesome privilege of carrying a precious son or daughter (yes, we will find out what it is, but we can't until March).

Monday, January 18, 2010

Young Life

Young Life is about to start back up in full swing for us in the Smoky Mtns.  Our first club of the semester is next week and we are excited about it!  We lost 2 of our volunteer leaders this month due to moves, but we are confident that the Lord will provide more leaders in the weeks and months to come.  I (Ellen) decided to be a Young Life leader (never been one before).  I am so excited to get into students lives again--going to their games, events, and lunchrooms, all for the hope that they may come to know Jesus. Ryan is doing an INCREDIBLE job as the area director!  He has worked very hard these first few months building relationships with both students and adults in the community.  He leads a campaigner group (bible study) each week for some senior guys, as well as does all of the planning for club.  He and I went to one of the local college's ministry fairs (Johnson Bible College), and had 15 college students sign up at our booth, expressing interest in Young Life and possible being a leader.  We have set up a "Meet, Greet, and Eat" with them on their campus to tell them a little bit more about Young Life and to answer any questions they may have.  We are praying that from the 15 names, we will get 3 leaders...please join us in this prayer!

Here are some photos of some Young Life kids.  This is at the "Border Bowl," the All-Star football game between Tennessee and Kentucky.

This is Keeley, about the only other person around here shorter than me.  I think Ryan pulled his back out for this picture. Also, yes, I look tired.  Had a YL Committee Overnight the night before, so I didn't get my usual 9-10 hours of sleep.  Growing a baby wears me out!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

We assumed most everyone knew about, the financial website that helps with budgeting.  But we are finding out more and more that a lot of our friends don't know about it.  So, for the few who read this blog, this is our shameless plug for it.
We used to track our spending receipt by receipt, spending hours pouring over a spreadsheet and using a calculator like mad.  Now, we spend about 2 minutes every few days.  We could explain it all here, but we'll spare you.  Just trust us.  If you've never tried, try it!  We think it's one of the best financial tools out there.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

12 Weeks Prego!

As of yesterday, I am officially 12 weeks prego and entering the final week of the first trimester.  Even though I've felt pretty good, I am excited to be in the 2nd trimester to hopefully have a tad bit more energy. Here's a pic of me now.  I wore the same shirt that I did at our 7 week picture, but this time the baby bump is definitely showing!