Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Ultrsound Pics

We got to have another ultrasound a few days ago, so here are the latest pics of Baby Gray.  The doctor said it looks like Baby G is growing at a normal and healthy rate, so we are thankful for that.  Currently, Baby G is about 3 inches long and about the size of a peach.  His/her head is about half the size of it's body right now.  Also, all of Baby G's intestines have been growing inside the umbilical cord, but they are now starting to make their trek to the abdomen.

We like these images a lot because you can tell Baby G is actually a baby, and not some interesting semblance of one, as the first ultrasound showed us at 7 weeks.  

Just ignore the blue on the side of this pic and the's actually our tablecloth.  I took pictures of these images and then uploaded them to the computer.

Here is a pic of when Baby G gave us a wave...see his/her hand!  It's so incredible to see all five fingers!


  1. What's up Baby G. This is your grandmother Hatta. It was so nice of you to wave bye-bye to Lane Kiffin...all of your relatives are really mad at him. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful mommy and daddy. They already love you so very much. I have loved you since November 24th 2009 @ 11:20.
    Sweet dreams

  2. Baby G, Momma G, Daddy G:

    This is Hatta.....Baby G, I think of you everyday. When I say my prayers at night I always include you. Aunt Kiley said "what up"
    cuz. Keep warm and safe. Remember...I have loved you since 11/24/09 @ 11:20.
    Sweet Dreams