Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jackson's 1st set of clubs

Uncle Bill and Aunt Cheryl got Jackson his first golf bag with a driver, iron, and putter (Thank you!).  This is video of the 1st time Jackson saw it / played with it.  He played for probably 45 mins, so I tried my best to whittle down the video to 5 mins.  Pretty long, but I know some of you family members will appreciate seeing the whole experience. :-)


Jackson used to always forget #7 and #11 when he was counting to's so cute!  Then he says his first memory verse..

The verse is "Nothing can separate us from God's love."  Romans 8:39

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall Fun & Halloween

He loves his "Tennessee Balls" blocks from Pops

 At Kinsey Farm

Straining to lift the pumpkin to show the camera...

A gourd! 

Being pulled by a tractor.

Feeding the gigantic catfish.

Feeding goldfish to the ducks

Pulled it all the way back himself.  He INSISTS on doing everything "by myself."

Throwing the baseball to Pops

Playing catch

Halloween at school.  I LOVE his smile!!

Trick or Treating with his friend Kennedy.

1st house to trick or treat.

We had a fun Halloween!  And Jackson LOVED being a Braves baseball player!! I had bought him s monkey costume to wear trick or treating because I knew it would be cold, but he insisted on leaving his baseball uniform on from school.