Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Top 10 Ways I Know I'm About To Have A Baby

#10  Heartburn with a vengeance.
#9   I no longer walk.  I waddle.
#8  The biggest travesty of my day is when I drop something on the ground, because that means I'm going to have to somehow bend over and pick it up.
#7  When I go to Starbucks and order 1 mini scone, they almost always give me 2.
#6  People refer to me more as "Mama" or "Mommy" than "Ellen"
#5  Major nesting instinct...I could stay up for hours working on Jackson's nursery!
#4  Jackson can now press on my bladder and poke up under my ribs AT THE SAME TIME
#3  I (sadly) can't eat as much as I used to...no more room!
#2  I have dreams almost every night that I am going into labor, only to wake up and realize I just have to pee (again)
#1  Did I mention heartburn?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Windy Gap and 34 Week Profile

It's been forever since we really updated the blog.  Life has been so crazy with moving into our house and trying to get everything ready before Jackson gets here.  But, we did want to give a brief life update.

#1 Jackson
Had a dr. appointment today and he seems to be looking and growing strong!  I go back in 2 weeks, and then I start going once a week and they will check to see if I'm dilated each time (oh let the joys begin...).  I'll be 35 weeks on Friday...crazy!  Here's the latest profile pic...if it looks like I gained about 10 pounds in 2 weeks, that's because I did!  All of a sudden I am huge!  I blame summer camp at Windy Gap...they feed you like 4 times a day there, plus dessert after every meal and at bed time.  Plus when you are with high school kids who can eat constantly and not show it, it's hard not to get sucked in too.  But, oh well!  But when else in life can I gain weight and people tell me more and more how cute I am?

Speaking of that, it's so funny how people treat pregnant women differently than every other woman.  At Windy Gap, it was like all the moms there saw how pregnant I was and immediately inducted me into the Mommy Club.  It's like instant friends that want to help you out, offer to do things for you, and give you all the labor and delivery advice you need.  Then there are those perfect strangers that make your day...like the lady today at the post office.  In my former life, we would have just been two strangers passing by, but today she became my new best friend when she took one look at me and said, "Oh my gosh, you are the cutest person I have ever seen!"  I mean, when are women ever going to compliment each other like that on a normal day?  I don't mean to sound conceited or anything like that, because the truth is, I do not feel cute...I feel huge!  But, it's just been so interesting lately noticing how people just love pregnant women.

#2  Windy Gap
Ryan and I, along with one of our female leaders and Kiley (Ryan's sister) took about 20 students to Windy Gap this past week for camp.  It was SUCH AN AWESOME WEEK!  Our speaker was great and the Lord really moved in so many of their hearts.  For a few of them, their lives will be forever changed by the refreshing Truth of the gospel of Jesus!  On top of all that, we had a blast too! Here are some of my favorite pics from the week:

1890's/Western Night

Ryan about to get flour dropped on his head.  This was after his 1st (but not last) trip to the pie-in-the-face booth and before his guys sent him to the dunk tank...such a trooper!

Speaking of troopers...KILEY IS MY HERO!  Being pregnant prevented me from doing a lot of the activities, so I guess my girls thought I also couldn't get a pie in the face or flour on my head, so they got Kiley over and over again instead of me.  I have the best sister-in-law EVER!!

Square Dance

Giant slide


Banquet night (hence, the dresses)

This one is my favs!!

The Gray Family

Anyway, it was a great week at camp and I'm so thankful I was able to go.  Promise to post again sooner than later.