Saturday, February 18, 2012

Falling on Mommy

Jackson is 16 months old here.  I will treasure this video forever!

The Wheels On The Bus

This video is from Thanksgiving and I love it because you can see how much he loves singing The Wheels On The Bus.  Sorry it's sideways - I recorded it on my regular camera before I realized I had to hold it the other way.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jackson is 18 Months!

Time is flying...and our boy is now 18 months!  He is talking a lot more (by talking, I mean he says about 15 or so recognizable words and then blabbers in sentences).  He is now very into playing with toys and we can now let him go to another room by himself and he will play on his own.  His favorite things are still BALLS and he has seriously good form when he throws baseballs & footballs, shoots basketballs, and swings a baseball bat.  His other favorite things are choo-choo trains and diggers (and Elmo, of course!)    He is beginning to learn to share, and when his friend Hayley Haas (14 months) was at our house, he shared his Elmo doll with her and then clapped for himself.  He is LOVING bath time now (thank goodness!) and he also yells out letters when he watches his favorite show, "Wheel of Fortune."  He is a total joy!  Ryan and I are more in love and proud of him everyday!                       Here are some recent pics....

"Loving" his ducky


He loves playing in our hamper - and giving himself a kiss!

So this is what our mirror often looks like...ha!

So handsome!
Play day in the puddles...he absolutely LOVED this!

Evidence of fun!

Aquarium with Grammy.