Tuesday, May 31, 2011

1st Time Crawling - 10 months

Pools, wagon rides, hikes...oh the life of a kid!

Playing corn hole Memorial Day Weekend with Kiley and Allen.

Jackson was such a good helper :)

Allen and Kiley got to experience our nightly wagon ride around the neighborhood (one of Jackson's very favorite things to do!)

He loves to drag a spoon along the road as we go.

Laid back - the King of the Wagon.

 Memorial Day family hike in the Smokies.

The boys looking for fish in the stream.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fun with Joe, Tronda, and Allen

We visited with Aunt Tronda, Uncle Joe, Logan, and Pops the other day.  Tronda and Joe still had old baby toys, and Jackson loved them!

Pops got Jackson a wagon (and a UT hat) and he loved them both!!

Don't look too close - the remnants of his snack are stuck on his face :)

This gives a good shot of the color my hair was before i delivered Jackson, and then the line where it is now coming in darker.  Goodbye super blonde hair.  (Small price to pay for being Jackson's mom!)

While I was feeding Jackson I got to talking and apparently wasn't spooning the food in his mouth fast enough, so Jackson took matters into his own hands.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

10 Months Old!

We cannot believe Jackson is already 10 months old!! This is definitely the most fun age yet.  He is starting to understand so much and is interacting with us a lot.  He is now clapping, picking up food, giving kisses, giving high fives, pulling up (we find his standing up in his crib when we go get him now), and his own version of crawling (twisting from one seated position to anther until he gets where he wants to be).  He is so much fun!     Here are some fun recent pics.

Finger foods!

He loves to play with a box of markers.  We just hope he doesn't figure out how to take off the tops!

His new best buddy David.

Hanging with the Longs.

1st Trip to the Beach! (9.5 months old)

Earlier this month, we had the privilege of going to Watercolor, FL with the TN YL staff.  We had so much fun as a family!

Jackson's 1st trip to the pool.

He was so proud of himself.

Giving Daddy a kiss.

He loved the baby pool. Ryan and I had to take turns playing with him here bc he played for so long.