Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crossing Over

The day I both anticipated and dreaded has arrived...I can no longer fit into my regular jeans.   I am so happy that our baby seems to be growing healthily, but I have to admit that losing my petite frame may be a little harder to accept than I once thought.  I mean, I have talked to numerous friends who struggle with their new found "motherly" figure, and I always told them that they looked great (because they did!).  But I am now in the in-between stage.  I am not noticeably pregnant, but I am also not my normal thin self put it bluntly...I just feel fat!  Today I had to embrace the Belly Band, which I now wear around the waist of my unbuttoned jeans.  But I do realize that saying goodbye to my pre-pregnancy body is a tiny sacrifice when I think about the incredible life that God is growing inside me!  So, I will happily embrace the Belly Band and the maternity clothes to come, because I know having a petite frame pales in comparison to the awesome privilege of carrying a precious son or daughter (yes, we will find out what it is, but we can't until March).

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  1. There are some really cute and inexpensive maternity clothes out there now, Target, Old Navy... But I found that with the styles that are out there now, you don't necessarily have to wear something labeled maternity. Check out New York & Co. and forever 21. I borrowed a friends pair of skinny jeans from Forever 21 in my maternity shoot at 35 weeks. I know the in-between stage is a little awkward, but have fun with it. It is amazing how a women's body is designed to adjust to carrying and protecting the little life inside of you. You DO look beautiful.