Thursday, March 11, 2010

Almost 21 Weeks Pregnant

I'm not totally sure where this belly came from!  I'm pretty sure it grew overnight on Saturday night, because when I woke up Sunday it looked WAY bigger than ever, and I had 5 different people at different times on Sunday make a comment about how they actually could tell I was pregnant now.  I'm at the stage where I'm supposed to be gaining 1 pound per week...pretty crazy!  My regular T-shirts officially no longer fit, so my sister Kiley totally hooked me up with some of hers...thanks sis!

Per request, I wore a form fitting shirt for this picture instead of a baggy T-shirt :)

We totally took advantage of the Expectant Mothers front row parking at the mall the other day...ha!


  1. You look adorable!! Hope you are feeling great!

  2. oh yeah, use that while you can!! Look for expectant & new mothers spots too for little Jackson gets here!