Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011 - 9 months old

Easter pics with Grammy and Granddad were taken a little early on our last visit there.  His outfit was TOO CUTE!  Thanks Grammy and Granddad!!  He was totally the cutest kid Easter has ever seen!

Jackson gets a kiss from Granddad after a long photo shoot.  

Pops came over to play this weekend and we went to Gatlinburg to play Putt-Putt at Hillbilly Golf.  I think we discovered that Jackson is going to be right handed because every time we would hand him a golf ball in his left hand, he would switch it to his right before he threw it.

This is Jackson's new look.  He is always sticking out his tongue - it is so cute!

Strolling thru Gatlinburg

I look weird but he looks cute!

On Sunday we went to Knoxville to see the family and then went over to Hatta's house for Easter fun.  Thanks for the Easter candy and bunny Hatta!

Don't look too close - I have a cold and allergies and my eyes are all puffy. 

So handsome.

Fun with Hatta.

Aunt Kiley!

Ryan was trying so hard to get Jackson to smile.  :-)

I love this one.  I think it captures so much of Jackson's fun personality.

Excuse my double chin....but it was too cute of Jackson with his 2 little teeth not to post!

Love my boy.

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  1. I think my E and your J have been talking...E is sticking out her tongue all the time now! Hope you guys had a wonderful Easter! :)