Saturday, March 10, 2012

Some Things We've Been Up To... (19 months)

Other than getting over the flu, croup, double ear infection, and a double eye infection ...
so pitiful.

We've been having a lot of FUN!

Throwing corn at the cat.

He loves to play with his trucks in the corn.

Playing with Diggers (or "Giggers," as Jackson calls them) 

Blue Ice Cubes in the tub makes...

Blue water!  And also a fun, sensory experience.

This is what his bib looks like after he eats an apple.  He takes huge bites, but I don't think he actually digests any of it.  He chews and then spits it back out...ha!  I gotta get this on video sometime.

Doesn't he look so old here??

Some fun facts:

- Jackson wakes up in the morning and from naps talking about 1 of 3 things:  Balls, Diggers "Giggers," or Waffles ("Waf").

- He has decided that, if it has wheels, it is a "bus." 

- He can point to just about every body part when asked, and he loves to say "eyes."

- His current favorite book is The Little Engine That Could.  It's the only one he lets me finish reading each page before he turns it.  

- He can name just about every farm animal and what sound they make (it is so cute to listen to him try to say "Cockadoodledoo")  

- His current favorite words to say are bus, hot, hat, more, goal, yes, ball, digger, football, Elmo, and Thomas "amas".

- I think he enjoys looking at the ESPN magazines we get more than we do.

- Whenever a sport is mentioned, he makes motions of how to do it (throwing a football, swinging a bat, etc)

We love our boy and we are so proud of him!!

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