Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring Fun

Since Dollywood opened for the new season, we have been taking full advantage of having a theme park 5 minutes from home.  We all know that Jackson is obsessed with balls and sports and this story is too funny not to share.  Today there was a 3 year old boy at Dollywood with a baseball on his shirt.  Jackson (not even 2) tried to pull the baseball off his shirt, and then proceeded to demonstrate to the little boy how you swing a bat and stand in the ready position.  He's hysterical.   

When we ride the carrousel at Dollywood, he always asks to ride the "Meow."

 Playing catch with Pops.

Every time Pops tried to sit down, Jackson would say "no no" and make him get back up to keep catching.  Pops is going to be sore in the morning!  

Watching the spinner (aka "wheel")

 Kiley was CRACKING HIM UP today!

 Nothing like playing soccer in a diaper and shoes :)

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