Friday, March 4, 2011

7 Months and Growing

It's hard to believe Jackson is already 7 months old.  He is cute as ever and such a JOY!  It's amazing to watch him learn new things all the time.  Some of my favorite things he's learned so far:
-  At 5 months old, he learned how to keep his paci in his mouth when he sneezed by squeezing his gums together.
-  He is rolling over and back and reaching for toys out of reach (not yet crawling).
-  He is sitting up on his own.
-  He can stand up by holding onto something like the coffee table. 
-  If he is sitting just right and holding our hands for balance, he can stand up from a seated position (his legs - AKA his ham hocks - are so strong!)
-  We can tell that he knows the words "water," "bath," "more," "all done," "peek-a-boo," and several others.
-  When we read him Pat The Bunny, he knows what to do on each page (pat the bunny, play peek-a-boo, and smell the flowers).
-  He turns the pages when we read books.
-  He's finally started jumping in the Johnny Jump Up instead of just twirling.
-  He's discovered that it's fun to splash in the bath tub (meaning mommy and daddy get very wet!) 

Here are some fun recent photos...

Love those leg roles!

He has mastered the art of putting his paci in his mouth all by himself.  

Loves his blocks.

Reading Goodnight Moon.

I've started making some homemade baby food.  He especially loves homemade squash and sweet potatoes.  He only likes carrots sometimes, and he refuses to eat green beans and peas by themselves, so I have to combine them with another vegetable to "hide" them.  I'm sensing a picky eater coming on.

Grammy came to visit last weekend.  We had a ball!  

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