Wednesday, March 16, 2011

8 Months Old!

We can't believe Jackson is already 8 months old!  His personality is showing more and more everyday and he is so fun!  Some new fun things he likes to do are:  He likes to "share" his paci with mommy and daddy.  He does NOT want to sit down.  Even when we try to get him to sit, he stiffens his legs so he can stand.  So, now we do a lot of standing beside couches and coffee tables and playing with toys on top of them.  He LOVES to go outside and usually starts "jumping" in our arms and laughing when we open the door.  He also has started saying "DaDa" all the time.  It is so cute!  He has learned not to lift his arms to get out of his car seat until I say "arms up" (after I undo the straps).  He also puts his "arms up" when asked so we can pull him out of his exersaucer or off of the floor.  It's amazing how much little babies already know!  He also officially has his first 2 teeth!  You can see them in the last picture of this post.  

Jackson looks hilarious in this pic.  It's like he is totally posing at a photo studio. Ha!

If you look closely, you can see his tiny 2 bottom teeth showing.

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