Thursday, June 30, 2011

11 Months Old

Jackson is 11 months old now and such a big boy!  His latest stats are:  22.7 pounds (just above 50th%) and 29 inches long (just under 50%).  He is so interested in exploring the world around him,  and interacting with others too.  His favorite things to do are to throw things and then go chase it and throw it again, and to open and close doors of all kinds.  He is an expert crawler and he is all over the place!  He loves animals and his first word besides "dada" and "mama" was "Daisy," the name of my parents dog.  He also loves to see flags and balloons (making trips to Wal-mart very exciting for him...ha!)  He claps whenever he is proud of himself or really happy and it's so cute!  We go to Dollywood or Splash Country several times a week and he loves it.  He is a really happy kid, and and absolute joy!

On the move

He loves Daisy!

He shared his toys with Daisy.

Hanging' poolside with Grammy & Granddad

He always prefers real bottles over a sippy cup.

Love that drool.

If I had a dollar for every time he opened and closed these cabinet doors, I would be rich!

Trip to the Aquarium

Waving at Jackson

The boys with Rainbow Trout

Just an example of the mess he makes after every meal and Grammy & Granddad's...sorry!!

Jackson's life vest for the boat

Captain Jackson

Fun with Aunt Kiley

Fun with Hatta (can you tell he is teething??)

Jackson loves Hatta!

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