Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jackson is 1

Jackson is now 1 year old!  He has already had 3 birthday parties, and 1 still to come (can you tell our families like to celebrate?)  We spent a week with my parents here in Colorado before our Young Life summer assignment began, and here are some photos from that:

The view from our house.

The flowers out here right now are GORGEOUS!

Mom, Jackson, and I hung out while the guys went fly fishing.

Jackson's favorite things...balls!

Mom and me before our massage.

Then we hung out in the hot tub outside...what a view!

Wes going down the Alpine Slide.

Jackson playing the instrument.

So nice to share with Mommy.

Jackson was more interested in the balloons than opening his presents.

Bubble gun from Uncle Wes.

If only I was looking at the camera...

Mom and Dad went to Rocky Mtn. National Park.

His official birthday shirt.

Great family vacation!

Crooked Creek pictures to come...

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  1. just found your blog. the ergo is the best! and we have those same lion/abc pjs.