Friday, July 29, 2011

CCR Week 2

We are having such a good time out here at Crooked Creek Ranch!  The weather is PERFECT - about 70 - 75 degrees during the day at about 40 - 50 degrees at night.  Jackson is still doing great and he is loving all the attention he gets.  Here are some firsts for him:
- He had his first pair of stinky feet (pew!)
- He no longer uses a bath seat when he takes a bath.  He is loving playing in the tub!
- He tried and loves strawberries.  He doesn't like eggs though.  
- He saw his first horses.
- He is starting to get opinionated about food.  I think he's entering a "texture" phase where he doesn't like certain textures.  He is spitting out deli turkey, and even bananas sometimes.  He loves bread of all kinds, though.  

This is how I keep my active mover contained when I get ready.  :)  

Ryan is greeting one of the Capernaum (special needs) campers.  We are LOVING having them here!

This is the little tiny truck that Slim & Roudy use to make their entrance.

"Sam & Steve Simmons," Motivational Speakers Extraordinairs.  They lead the games at club.

This game is called "Dive For Pain."  3 guys jump off the trampoline and belly flop into the water.  It's so fun!

Kids loving club.

Ropes Course.  (Mom and Dad, this one is different than the one you guys did a few years ago)

Watching Daddy.  

Volleyball Tournament.

The little boys "helping" heir Daddy's.

A giant game of Angry Birds.

We let Jackson try Banana Pudding and he LOVED it.

Laynie and Rebecca being silly.

David's mustache for Western Night.


Some of the kids playing with dry ice.

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