Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Crooked Creek Ranch

We celebrated Jackson's birthday on the actual day (the 15th) in Colorado with our assigned team.  Jackson loved getting to eat icing again...

His little fingers couldn't wait for the picture :)

We got a pinata for the other kids to enjoy.

Watching the kids hit the pinata.

The party started right at his bed time, so by the end he was SO TIRED.  Look at that poor little face!  Jackson is holding a piece of candy that his sweet new friend, Hall, shared with him.

This is the view from our porch at Crooked Creek Ranch.

Jackson is LOVING the Ergo he got for his birthday from Grammy & Granddad.  I put him on my back in it this morning and walked about 3 miles and he never complained.  Also - Mom and Dad - all the kids here LOVE that little toy you got Jackson for his birthday.  The one with the 4 balls that you hit thru the holes.  All the kids (including Jackson) play with it everyday!

Carson and David Long.

Ryan and Bryan as "Slim & Rowdy Pickins" at the Pool Olympics.

Our sweet friend Carmen Long with her 3 kiddos, Rebecca, Carson, and David.

More sweet friends, Matt & Lensey Richardson, with Laynie & Jack.

I bring Jackson to the pool and what does he prefer to do?  Play in the dirt!

He loves trying to figure out how to buckle this.

My great friend, Ryan Leeward, sent Jackson this sweet shirt for his birthday!

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