Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday in New Orleans

Gran and I are taking a "girls trip" this weekend to New Orleans, and it has been a great day.  We are getting to stay at The Roosevelt Hotel, thanks to a friend, Honor, who works here and got us a special rate. It's fun pretending we can afford hotels like this!  Our hotel is located right next to the French Quarter.  Here are some pics to show you what we've done today:

First order of business:  Room Service for sorbet and ice cream!

Next order of business: Relaxing!

This is the lobby.

Gran and me with Honor after our delicious dinner at Muriels on Jackson Square.  I had a "Puppy Drum."  I had no idea what it was except that it was supposed to be really good fish, and it was the best thing ever!!  Special thanks to my friend, Rachel, for making reservations for us at her parents' restaurant.  On another note, I look so pregnant in this picture...

Speaking of pregnant:  I felt the baby kick for the first time yesterday!  So cool!  And we get to find out on Tuesday if it's a boy or a girl!!

Well, we are off to bed, but more to come tomorrow.

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  1. Looks like you are having a blast and you only look a little pregnant, Ellen. :)
    Have fun,