Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday and Sunday in New Orleans

Gran and I had another great day in New Orleans yesterday.  Our day began with breakfast in bed and it was the best $40 cereal, eggs, and coffee we have ever had (it better have been for that price, right??)  I then headed to the Spa for my pre-natal massage.  After I changed into my robe, I was taken to the Relaxing Room and - get this - "Retail Playground" where I could sit and read magazines or "play" with all of their lotions, perfumes, and make up.  Kind of hilarious, but I have to admit, I had fun playing (or "flitting" as my dad would call this!).  When I was taken back to my room, Lenny (a beautiful Philippino mother of one) gave me the best massage ever!  The only real difference with a pre-natal massage is that you lie of your sides instead of your stomach and you get extra pillows.  It was awesome!

Then Gran and I took a tour of the city on a tour bus, and here are some pics from the tour:

This is a house that still has the markings as it did after Katrina, indicating the rescue workers had checked this home.  

This is a hole that people made during Katrina to escape the rising water in their home and get on the roof.

This is one of the above ground cemeteries we visited.

At the City Park.

One of the many mansions we saw on the tour.

Gran and me at an Italian restaurant called Domenica.

After dinner.

This was Gran's favorite store.  I couldn't get her away.  Ha!

St. Peter's Cathedral.  I went on a long walk this morning and took the rest of these pics.  The New Orleans Marathon was going on, so it was fun to cheer the runners on.

This is a couple that's on this season's Biggest Loser TV show running the marathon.

Now Gran and I are off to Subway for lunch and to the airport.  What a great trip!


  1. Hey Ellen--
    I was reading this post and showed Trey the picture of the biggest loser couple running the marathon (we love that show!) and he SWEARS that's me in the green shirt in the background of the picture. Kinda hard to be in Buford and New Orleans on the same day, but I have to admit that it does look like me...minus the kids... hope ya'll had a fun trip!

  2. Thanks for posting the pictures!! They are wonderful. Looks like you had an amazing time!!